Get affordable mineral blush for a healthy glow at Herbal Natures

Blush For a Healthy Glow

Mineral Blush

Blush was created to give a healthy glow to your face and add contour definition. Mineral blush is easy to apply and takes only a small amount to achieve a natural glow.

For an overall healthy glow, apply a small amount of blush to cheeks, chin, and forehead and blend. To contour your face shape, here are some helpful tips:

An oval face shape is complimented by applying blush to the top of your cheek apples in a slanted triangle.

A short face can be made to look longer by applying blush from just below nose level in an upward curve towards the temple.

A longer face can be made to look shorter by applying blush across the cheeks at about mid-nose level and blend upwards/downwards in a triangle shape.

Application: Dip your Kabuki or Blush brush into mineral and swirl the brush in the lid. Tap the handle of the brush on lid (with brushes bristles pointed upward) so powder will settle into the brush. Apply to apples of cheeks, forehead, chin, or as suggested above for contouring your face shape.

Mineral blush is packaged 3 grams in 20 gram rotating sifter container. The rotating sifter can be closed off completely. - Bradford,Illinois 61421