Herbal Natures is small business, owned and operated by Melanie McCullough. Specializing in handcrafted body care, we strive to maintain high quality products provided with ingredients from nature or from naturally derived ingredients, that can help to calm your spirit, rejuvenate your mind, and pamper your body.

Herbal Natures began after formulating products for personal use. My own medical problems were not improving by the use of conventional prescription drugs. Working with a nutritionalist to improve my diet, and focusing on my personal environment, with less synthetic chemical ingredients, my health issues improved. With the encouragement of friends and family, Herbal Natures became a business in 2001.

The desire of Herbal Natures is to provide product and services with the highest quality, at the least amount of cost to our customers. High cost of a product, does not equal high quality of a product. Our packaging is simple, but our products are not. Each product is formulated and manufactured with care and concern for our customer; and we will not use cheap fillers.

We specialize in handcrafted bath and body care, mineral cosmetics, and offer various items to compliment our mineral makeup, such as natural goat hair cosmetic brushes. Each group of items offered has been consumer tested, thanks to many friends and family members!

Many of our bath and body products contain essential oils, derived from herbs and botanicals, but some of these may contain a synthetic fragrance oil. Check the details of each item and it will note rather the scent is from essential oils or fragrance oils.

Why purchase handcrafted?

** Small batch production that ensures freshness

** Formulated with the maximum limit quantities of plant and herbal extracts (for those items that contain extracts)

** Preservatives are used, but in much lower concentrations than in commercial production products - a healthier alternative

You can rest assured we will provide a top quality, healthy alternative, to clean, soften, rejuvenate, and pamper you.

And, you can be confident with your purchase because just like reaching for an item on the store shelf, you can read the label ingredients. You'll know exactly what you are purchasing. We have also taken the truth in labeling pledge. See our links page for details about truth in labeling and natural ingredients.

Our minerals are blended on site in small batches, using our own formulas and color combinations. Our lotions, sugar scrubs, etc. are formulated in small batches in order to provide our customers with products that are fresh and have not set on an inventory shelf for long periods of time. Each soap is hand poured and cut, so each bar is unique. All of our bulk soaps comes packaged individually to keep freshness in and to allow protection during shipment.All of our products are prepared and packaged to prevent contamination of the products(s) and to provide our customers with a measure of safety.

Bradford, Illinois 61421
Phone: 309-883-3495(cell)


We ship with United States Postal Mail Service (Priority Mail) in order to keep shipping costs minimal to our customers. Money back guarantee, return the product (shipping at customers expense) and your purchase price will be refunded.

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