Get affordable, high quality mineral foundation at Herbal Natures

Affordable Mineral Makeup

Herbal Natures pure mineral cosmetics are affordable and are good to your skin. Our minerals contain 4 major ingreients! Herbal Natures will never add fillers to our minerals!

Each ingredient used in our minerals has a genuine purpose to the formulation such as light reflecting, coverage, or coloring. Minerals give a natural look to your skin, while protecting your skin from environmental pollution. Mineral makeup, being composed of inorganic materials contains no water, and is oil-free; and does not support bacterial growth, which makes it very beneficial to acne prone skin. Minerals provide a long-lasting coverage with an even, smooth, appearance. Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide in our mineral foundations provide a natural sun-screen to keep your skin young, vibrant, and free of damage. Rosacea and acne suffers can benefit from our pure minerals too. The titanium oxide and zinc oxide in our foundations are soothing to the skin and can help diminish and prevent break outs and irritations.

All foundations are packed 5 grams mineral powder in 30 gram rotating sifter container. The rotating sifter allows you to close off your sifter completely and keep your minerals from spilling into the lid! Depending on your usage, this size should last 2-3 months.


Sericite mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides.

Also available are natural bristle mineral brushes for proper application of your minerals.

Customer comment:

"Herbal Natures has high quality products and excellent customer service. Having never used mineral makeup before, Melanie helped me figure out which colors would work best with my skin tone. Now that I've used it, I am a repeat customer! My skin is so much healthier and I love how light it feels." - Amy -Olathe,KS - Bradford,Illinois 61421