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Product Description

Multi-colors, but same scent throughout the candle. Each 12 oz Soy Wax Candle will offer approximately 110 hours of enjoyment. Maximum scented in standard jar.

Also available are 12 oz soy candles in one single color.

Did you know that soy wax has a memory? Yes, a memory. This means that when you first light your soy wax jar candle you need to let the candle burn until a full burn pool is reached. The burn pool is the amount of melted wax that forms from the heat of a burning wick. When a full burn pool is reached, the melted wax will reach to the edge of the jar. Remember to give at least an hour of burn time for every inch of the candle diameter. Why is this so important? Because when one first lights a candle, and the candle is extinguished prior to reaching the full burn pool, then the next time you light your candle, the soy wax memory will kick in and only burn to the previous melt pool diameter. This will cause unmelted wax to stick to the sides of your jar. This unmelted wax will never melt. Yuck! Your candle wick will starve for the fuel it needs to maintain a good flame and you will lose overall burn time for your candle.


Wick Trimmer

There is an art to candle burning! There is more to candle burning than lighting a wick and letting it burn........... A VERY important part of candle burning is wick trimming! Perfect candle burning is influenced not only by how a candle is made, but how it is burned. Trim your candle wicks! By trimming your wicks, you will have less soot and the burn time of the candle will increase. The perfect trim is 1/4". This is an important step when lighting your candle for the first time, and for each subsequent candle lighting. Some candle users will use scissors or nail clippers to trim their wicks. But, personally, a wick trimmer is my favorite tool! This wick trimmer is made to sit on top the cooled wax at 1/4". Used like a pair of scissors, you will get a perfect 1/4" wick trim every time!

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